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About JoziStyle for Businesses

JoziStyle connects over 70,000 people through, Radio Today, and our social media platforms. Our digital campaigns reach 350,000 – 550,000 people online.

JoziStyle is a platform for promoting local businesses, events, and destinations, to people living (or travelling) in Johannesburg. Our core audience is based in Sandton and Johannesburg but our digital footprint extends to Cape Town and Pretoria.

Advertising your business on JoziStyle offers free SEO benefits to all businesses. JoziStyle also provides digital marketing support to promote your business, products, and services to a targeted audience through our media platforms and partners.

JoziStyle is perfect for promoting anything in Johannesburg; including restaurants, hotels, entertainment, events, markets, galleries, shows, shopping, salons, and spas. JoziStyle also promotes professional and community services offered by freelancers, agencies, and organizations.

To ensure the integrity of our advertising campaigns, we do not promote anything that could be restricted by our social media platforms and we adhere to the guidelines provided by the South African Advertising Regulatory Board’s Code of Advertising Practice. JoziStyle is committed to building long-term relationships. We reserve the right to decline listings and images that do not align with our audience or our associates.

Advertise your business on JoziStyle!

  • To advertise your business on JoziStyle, please choose a Free, Basic, Smart, or Ultimate listing package that suits your business needs on
  • Each package allows 1 business listing with tiered benefits.
  • Free SEO listings are restricted to 1 email address.
  • You may register for more Free SEO packages with a different email address.
  • Additional packages can be purchased for multiple listings Eg: Individual branches or locations.
  • We will happily create a tailored package that suits you for multiple listings.


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