Chef Coco Reinarhz explores the luxury of African cuisine


Situated in the heart of Sandton, Epicure restaurant boasts 160 seats including terraced tables, a 40-seater private dining room and a walled, lush, lawn perfect for picnics. Epic Bar and Cure Deli complement the culinary chic. Exquisite décor, superb service and fine food accompany breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night African street food tastes.

Epicure has a space to match each and every mood. The private dining room is ideal for discrete business discussions. The garden is great for starlit romantic rendezvous. Sociable cocktail sessions bubble at the bar. From the first aperitif to last petit four indulgences. Combined with safe parking and superb service to make Epicure Johannesburg’s destination du jour.

We interviewed Chef Coco Reinarhz about what inspires him about the luxury of African cuisine.

How would you describe your style of cooking? What inspires you?
I am inspired by the beauty of African cuisine, I have given myself the mission of modernising African Cuisine, food that can sit on any Michelin Star restaurant menu.

Describe a typical day in your restaurant?
My day typically resembles quite a bit of admin, meetings, Inspiring the chefs, recipe development with the chefs and welcoming guests and running the show.

What have been your proudest moments as a chef?
Participating in the 100 year Nelson Mandela Global Citizen event has been my proudest moment, an event to reflect on his life and legacy and to follow his call to make the world a better place.

What has been your biggest learning curve?
Learning curves are a never-ending process, you never stop learning

What are your favourite ingredients?
Plantain Bananas because they are so versatile.

What is your favourite dish that you enjoy cooking?
Anything that includes Plantain.

Five people (dead or alive) who you would like to cook for?
My Mother, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, my grand-daughter and Beyonce.

What trends / challenges are restaurants facing in 2019?
Challenges are the economy, load shedding. Trends are vegan dishes, using less meat and that is why we are taking a modern approach to African Cuisine.

The #1 thing that annoys you in restaurants?
People not understanding that restauranteurs take in creating the experience, but I do feel blessed that I got it right at Epicure.

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