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Kyle creates personalized gourmet experiences to suit every occasion from birthdays to corporate events. He even caters for wine and cocktail pairings. We asked him about a typical day in his life and what he loves about Jozi.

What do you love about Jozi?
The energy, the people, the weather.

What do you do in Jozi?
Work as a Personal Chef.

Are you a morning or evening person?
Evening person.

Describe a typical or ideal day in your life?
A typical day in my life consists of waking up, having a coffee, checking my prep list, then go to the shops and buy ingredients required for a dinner, start prep and cook until all the prep is done, then pack and get ready to leave to a clients house, cook and serve dinner. An ideal day in Johannesburg for me is a day spent on the golf course.

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How do you spend your weekends in Jozi?
If I’m not working, then I’ll be playing cricket or golf, many at a braai.

What’s your favourite season in Jozi?

Your number one reason for people to visit Jozi?
The food.

Your favourite hotel in Jozi for a #Staycation?
The Saxon, that’s biased though, my mentor is the head chef there.

Your favourite holiday spot outside Jozi?
Anywhere that has a beach.

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Your favourite restaurant in Jozi?
Not really a restaurant, but I always enjoy a day at Modderfontein Farmers Market, good food and enjoy the nature

Describe yourself as a cocktail?
I’m not really a drinker, I have a drink here and there occasionally. If I had to say something, it would probably be sparkling water, quiet, and simple with a bit of fizz

Favourite spot for sundowners with friends?
Sundowners rather not, sitting around a fire with friends and cooking for them that’s my “sundowners”.

Describe your ideal date night in Jozi?
Movies and a big bowl of sweets.

What do you do to relax in your spare time?
Play golf.

Favourite South African artist?
Jeremy Loops.

Favourite thing to eat?
A Pichanna sliced straight off the braai, seasoned with salt and lemon.

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Other interesting facts?
Took part in this years instalment of Ultimate Braai Master. Started my own private chef company, been going for a year and a half, used to play semi-pro cricket, before I discovered my love for cooking.

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