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Craving the hottest trends, tastiest bites, and coolest experiences in Jozi? Tune into JoziStyle, your one-stop guide to living the Jozi lifestyle.
JoziStyle is broadcast on Radio Today, DStv 869, and livestreamed on

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Craft Your Cocktail Canvas: Discover Your Signature Sip
Tired of the same old drinks? Join us on a flavour
odyssey to create your unique cocktail masterpiece! Explore the world of spirits, mixers, techniques, and seasonal ingredients with our resident mixologist. Uncover your personal taste profile, learn essential mixology basics, and unleash your inner bartender.

Theatre Tales: Unveiling the Etiquette Enigma
Applause, please! But before the curtain rises, let’s master the art of good theatre etiquette. Go beyond “shushing” with our lighthearted yet informative exploration of respectful theatre conduct.

Content Creator Chronicles: From Passion to Pro
Do you dream of turning your online passion into a career? Trust JoziStyle to help you unlock the algorithm.

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