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For most people work is something you have to do to earn money and that work is often less than stimulating, routine and without any sense of achievement or future goals.

For chefs however, their work is their passion and the rewards are not only the salary they take home every month but the creativity, inspiration and sheer joy they get from being in the kitchen.

So, if you love to cook and are passionate about food then why not develop your interest in cooking and turn it into a career? It’s no secret that the food and hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and graduates have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

This is especially true of students who study at any of the six Capsicum Culinary Studio campuses spread across South Africa – in Boksburg, Cape Town, Durban, Gqeberha, Johannesburg and Pretoria. If you have talent and are willing to work hard, being a chef is a rewarding and exciting job and one that is much in demand.

Extensive future social interactions aside though, here are 10 more reasons why you might want to consider a career as a chef in 2023.

It is a great career! If you love food and cooking why not make a career out of it by becoming a professional chef. As well as the job satisfaction, being a chef offers great career progression from Commis Chef to Demi Chef, Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine and finally Executive Chef. You also have the option of working at different venues including restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering companies and corporate or private event.

It’s a growth-industry job. People will always want to eat out and, as the hospitality industry is steadily growing year on year, there are many new and challenging positions on offer. Take your career global. Wherever you choose to live, finding work as a chef will always be an option. Whether you fancy preparing luxury meals on a cruise ship or taking a job in a top restaurant in London, New York or Paris, a career as a chef is highly portable!

You can specialise. Chefs learn by preparing and cooking all kinds of food to give them an overall understanding and a wide repertoire. But there’s plenty of opportunity to specialise if you have a passion for a certain cuisine – be it Asian, French or Mexican. Or, if you love cakes and desserts, you can become a pastry chef. Whatever your obsession, there are plenty of options to branch out and challenge yourself.

Self-employment. Some chefs spend a few years in the kitchen of a restaurant or hotel, making a name for themselves before branching out and opening their own establishment. Some set up their own catering companies, while others invest in a food truck and sell their food at markets and social gatherings. Where there’s a gathering of people, there’s always a need for food!

It’s creative. Plating up food and creating new dishes is an art in itself, so it can be the perfect profession for those with a creative streak. Chefs are always looking to create new taste sensations, new food combinations and new recipes that will bring something different to the taste buds.
You make people happy. People love eating out, so whether you are helping make a special event even more memorable or a lunchtime meal more delicious, it’s good to know your work is being appreciated.

There is never a dull moment. Working in a kitchen can be challenging as you are under pressure to deliver and you spend a lot of time on your feet. However, if you are passionate about food and good at what you do, being a chef can create a real buzz and deliver a highly rewarding career.

Varied hours. This is no 9-to-5 job. Chefs work a variety of hours depending on where they work. Some restaurants are only open at night, others only during the day. Most hotels are open 24 hours – for guests who want a late-night snack – while catering companies work shifts and corporate catering can find you prepping breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Best of all – you don’t have to wear a suit! No ties for the men, high heels for the women or business suits for both. Which means less money spent on a wardrobe that’s needed for that corporate gig.

If this sounds like the sort of thing that tickles your tastebuds, then why not consider enrolling in Capsicum Culinary Studio’s Advanced Professional Chef Programme course. This, three-year fulltime course covers all major theoretical, practical and workplace components of kitchen operations, culinary practice and patisserie skill elements. Effective leadership, self-development and communication form integral parts of the programme, alongside sustainability and effective management modules. Other courses – all one year in duration – include a Professional Chef Programme, a Professional Patisserie Programme, a combined Professional Chef/Professional Patisserie Programme and an Assistant Cobination Programme (Chef/Baker).

For more information visit one of Capsicum Culinary Studio’s campuses – located in Boksburg, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and Pretoria – at their Open Days which take place on Saturday, January 28. Telephone during business hours from Mondays to Thursdays at +27 86 111 2433 or email to arrange a visit. For more information visit

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