You Forgot Valentine’s Day? We Got You Covered!


Image: Lisa Fotios

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but if you’ve run out of time to do something special (ie: you forgot!), with a little creativity and a dash of humour, you can still pull off a romantic surprise for your significant other that they’ll never forget.

The IOU Valentine’s Day: Write a heartfelt note to your partner, detailing all the things you promise to do for them in the future. This could include a weekend getaway, cooking them their favourite meal, or even just doing the dishes for a week. Your partner will appreciate the thoughtfulness and humour in this last-minute surprise.

The DIY Gift: Get crafty and create a personalized gift for your partner. This could be something as simple as a handmade card or a picture frame filled with your favourite memories together. Bonus points if you use materials you already have lying around the house.

The Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt for your partner, leading them to various romantic spots around the house or city. At each stop, leave a small surprise or message. End the scavenger hunt with a candlelit dinner or a movie night in.

The Foodie Surprise: Cook a romantic dinner for your partner, complete with all their favourite foods. Light some candles put on some soft music, and enjoy a cosy night in together. If cooking isn’t your forte, order takeout from their favourite restaurant and set the table with flowers and candlelight.

The Karaoke Night: Dust off the karaoke machine and serenade your partner with their favourite love song. If you’re not confident in your singing abilities, make it a duet and sing along together. The laughter and memories will be worth it.

There’s no need to stress about Valentine’s Day if you forgot about it. With a little creativity and humour, you can still surprise your partner with a memorable and romantic evening. Just remember to focus on the love and laughter, and your partner will surely appreciate the effort.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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