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JoziStyle is an exciting digital media platform designed to revolutionize the way you experience Johannesburg.

JoziStyle is poised to become the go-to destination for authentic reviews and recommendations. Your contributions will shape the future of JoziStyle and help others make informed decisions about their dining, entertainment, and travel, experiences in Johannesburg.

Here’s why you should sign up to JoziStyle:

  • Exclusive Previews and Invitations: As a valued reviewer, you’ll be among the first to experience new restaurants, hotels, and attractions. Exclusive previews and invitations await those who join The List.
  • Win Exciting Prizes: We’re committed to rewarding our active reviewers. Participate regularly and you could win exciting prizes!
  • Share Your Expertise: Your opinion is valuable. Share your insights with others and help them discover hidden gems in Jozi.
  • Make a Difference: Your reviews can influence the success of businesses and shape the dining and travel landscape. Your voice matters, so make it heard.

Join the JoziStyle list today and become an influential voice in the world of food, entertainment, and travel. Together, we can create better experiences for everyone in Jozi!


  • Registrations are free and allow you to review your favourite destinations in Johannesburg on The List.
  • You can add your own business to the list.
  • Do not create a listing for a business that you cannot verify.
  • Contact us to create a profile for a business that you would like to review through the Feedback form.
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