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Craving the hottest trends, tastiest bites, and coolest experiences in Jozi? Tune into JoziStyle, your one-stop guide to living the Jozi lifestyle.
JoziStyle is broadcast on Radio Today, DStv 869, and livestreamed on

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JoziStyle Goes Global on Radio Today!
Get ready for a cosmopolitan adventure right here in Joburg! JoziStyle is spreading its wings and taking its vibrant mix of local flavour international with a special broadcast on Radio Today. Buckle up for an exciting exploration of the city’s hidden gems, hottest trends, and must-try experiences, all delivered with JoziStyle’s signature charm and insider knowledge. Don’t miss this chance to discover a whole new side of Jozi!

Grape Expectations: A Toast to Michelangelo Awards & Rosebank Luxury
This week on JoziStyle, we’re raising a glass to two of Joburg’s finest offerings. First, we delve into the prestigious Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards, a kaleidoscope of award-winning wines waiting to be explored. Then, we whisk you away on a luxurious staycation at the Southern Sun Rosebank Hotel, where indulgence and relaxation await. Tune in for tips on planning your own wine-tasting adventure and uncovering hidden pockets of luxury right in your own backyard.

Why You Need JoziStyle on #TheList:
Being noticed by the media is crucial for any business or event, and #TheList holds the key to unlocking valuable exposure. So, why should JoziStyle be on your list? Simply put, we offer:

Unmatched Reach: JoziStyle connects you with a diverse and engaged audience of Jozi locals and global trendsetters.
Expert Insights: JoziStyle has its finger on the pulse of the city, ensuring your brand or event aligns with the hottest trends and hidden gems.
Compelling Storytelling: We weave captivating narratives that showcase your unique offerings in a way that resonates with your target audience.
Amplified Impact: Partnering with JoziStyle amplifies your reach, strengthens your brand identity, and drives engagement.
Join us on Radio Today or follow us online to discover why JoziStyle is the key to unlocking success in the vibrant Joburg scene.

Cocktail Corner: The Virgin Mary & Bloody Mary Make a Comeback
This week’s Cocktail Corner features a classic duo with a twist: the Virgin Mary and the Bloody Mary. We’ll be sharing refreshing takes on these timeless drinks, perfect for both teetotalers and those looking for a savoury sip. Tune in for recipe secrets, garnish inspiration, and tips on elevating your cocktail game at home.

So, whether you’re looking for global adventures, local discoveries, or the perfect weekend cocktail recipe, JoziStyle has you covered! Tune in, explore, and experience the best of Joburg with us.


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