My Top 10 Products from #QMSMEDICOSMETICS

To say that I am obsessed with QMS Medicosmetics would be an understatement. I am obsessed, and I’ll tell you why.

When I first started producing and presenting my radio show, I was approached by their PR to see if I would like to experience an educational facial at their head office. It was quite a random invitation as my show was mostly food and lifestyle, but I figured, “Hey! Free facial!”

I went without expectation – in fact, all I expected was a glorified facial accompanied by the proverbial sales pitch of how unique and special the QMS Medicosmetics range was. I am naturally interested in skincare, specifically for men as I used to write grooming articles for Mens Health and GQ magazine, so I thought an educational facial would be quite informative.

My therapist explained what made the range unique and how they approach skincare differently. I was mildly amused when they said that the secret to QMS Medicosmetics was that collagen could penetrate the skin because even I know that this is one of the greatest myths in the skincare industry. But, when I questioned them, they explained that Dr. Erich Schulte founder of QMS Medicosmetics, had developed a unique method that deconstructed natural soluable collagens to penetrate the skin and reconstitute beneath the skin’s surface. It sounded plausible but I was doubtful if it would show visible results.

The big reveal after a #QMSMEDICOSMETICS facial is always a revelation! #SpaJoziStyle

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The Classic Collagen Facial

The facial begins with the QMS Medicosmetics Deep Cleansing cleanser to cleanse the skin. It smells fresh and oceanic. Although it is a cream cleanser, it left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. I immediately observed that my skin didn’t feel like it needed a moisturiser. It felt perfect. I couldn’t stop touching my skin in amazement.

Cleansing is followed by double exfoliation using QMS Medicosmetics Exfoliant Fluid which  is designed to dissolve dead skin cells and accelerate cellular turnover. It is followed by the QMS Med Medicosmetics Gentle Exfoliant Cream (for professional use only) which refines the exfoliation and soothes irritated skin. You can feel them working but they’re not uncomfortable. (Whenever I have a QMS Medicosmetics facial, the therapists observe how the exfoliation stimulates the circulation beneath my skin.

The exfoliation is enhanced further by the application of the QMS Medicosmetics Algae Mask. It’s applied cold to soothe and refresh the skin and dries to a rubberised mask which, when removed, removes the last remaining dead skin cells. Your therapist will advise you that it is applied over your eyes and mouth, but don’t feel shy to admit if you’re reluctant or claustrophobic. In addition to being a soothing mask, algae also helps to detoxify and re-mineralise the skin. My skin felt toned and plump yet strangely receptive for further product application.

The QMS Medicosmetics Night Collagen is applied under a thick application of a botox like cream called Relax-o-Firm Mask before being sealed into the skin with another mask made of Plaster of Paris. It includes Hyaluronic Acid and peptides to ensure maximum short-term and long-term hydration to improve elasticity. When the mask is removed I am amazed at the tangible texture of my skin. I can feel it without even touching it, my skin feels remarkably firm and lifted. I say my skin feels like “rubber” because it feels as though it has just bounced back into place and if I scrunch my eyes or forehead I can’t feel a line, crease or wrinkle. It’s a very nice feeling.

Finally, and unbelievably, my skin is moisturised with QMS Medicosmetics Liquide Proteins and protected with QMS Medicosmetics Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50+.

I notice that during my facial, my therapist had only been explaining how the products would be and how they worked. I enjoyed the information because I was interested, and I was obviously there to learn about the products, but not once did they criticize the condition of my skin or recommend products that I needed to use. I find it mildly annoying that when you’re having a facial, the therapist uses you as a captive audience for their sales pitch. In all honesty, I have an oily T panel, enlarged pores, and my skin is extremely sensitive to environmental factors, so there is lots to find fault with, and I was still waiting for some product recommendations, but when they completed my facial, all they asked me is if I wanted to see myself in the mirror.

I don’t know what you used, but I’ll buy it!

My skin looked beyond flawless, it looked ten years younger. I couldn’t resist but to pull faces at myself in the mirror because it looked as though my skin had lost all signs of expression (or wear and tear?). In fact, it had only gained volume which had refined my contours and filled out any lines. I literally could not believe my eyes.

The best reaction was when I returned home, my husband looked at me, flabbergasted, and asked if I had had Botox or fillers! That’s when you know it is worth it!

I’ve subsequently become a devotee of QMS Medicosmetics. I will experiment and review other skincare products – I can’t help it if great skincare companies want me to promote or explore their products, but I  always find myself returning to QMS Medicosmetics. There simply isn’t another skincare range that can come close to it.

I was sharing my QMS Medicosmetics journey online when their PR Agency offered me a product of my choice as a token of their appreciation. Naturally, I asked for “the range”, and thus became tasked with becoming their brand ambassador to promote their products. Fortunately, it’s a flexible arrangement allowing me to collaborate with other brands provided I remain objective. It’s a win-win-win for me as a blogger.

10 ml, 10 minutes, 10 years younger. #QMSMediCosmetics

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So, in my most objective opinion possible, these are my TOP 10 favourite QMS Medicosmetics products –

(In order of application, not preference)

QMS Medicosmetics Deep Cleansing cleanser because beginning with the basics ensures that everything else falls into place – and it has no mineral oils!

QMS Medicosmetics Freshening Tonic because I could never imagine never using a toner – and it balances your skins pH.

QMS Medicosmetics Exfoliant Fluid because it gently exfoliates dead skin to refine and prepare for collagen treatments. It also self-neutralises in case you forget to remove it.

The QMS Medicosmetics Classic Collagen Set is indispensable for overnight results and very quick-fixes!

My ultimate product is the QMS Medicosmetics !QMS Activator Mask. Never, ever, in your life have you experienced a product that delivers such instant results. If I’m pinched for time, I splash it on like aftershave.

I love the QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam Mask because (I love masks!) it absorbs within minutes. I sometimes tissue off any excess and use it as a moisturiser.

QMS Medicosmetics Relax-o-Firm Mask – the name says it all, and it lives up to its name.

QMS Medicosmetics Liquide Proteins – a recent discovery that visibly firms. I accidentally over pumped it thinking it was a mask – so I used it as a mask. Impressive!

QMS Medicosmetics Repair 3 Complex – works well to soothe stressed, red or / inflamed skin. A bonus for post-shave healing for men.

QMS Medicosmetics Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50+ – because prevention is better than cure, and it’s non-greasy so I can wear it in the city without looking like a lifeguard.

QMS Medicosmetics Intravital Plus Capsules – your skin is a reflection of your health, so feed it! (collagens in a capsule !) R710 / 60 Capsules.

Overall Verdict: QMS Medicosmetics is the skincare range that will change the way you see skincare. Don’t believe the promises you hear, believe the results that you see!


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