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Are you searching for a robust digital platform to advertise your brand? JoziStyle’s cutting-edge blog is the platform that you’ve been looking for. Our unbeatable advertising banners are designed to captivate audiences and deliver unparalleled benefits to your business.


JoziStyle’s banner ads create over 2,000 impressions a day. We have earned a sterling reputation in the industry and have established a loyal and engaged audience that trusts our content. By associating your brand with our blog, your business will gain instant credibility and build trust with your potential customers.


Banner Advertising Options on JoziStyle:

Banners Dimension Price (CPM) Packages Weekly/Monthly
Square 300 x 300 R250 From R1,000
Leaderboard 728 x 90 R250 From R1,000
Half Page 300 x 600 R450 From R1,800

CPM = Cost per thousand impressions/ads.

  • Banners are optimised for search engines.
  • Banners are distributed across our website for optimal exposure according to your CPM.
  • Banners average 2,000 impressions daily on JoziStyle.
  • Custom banner design: R250/hour.


Each banner format has its own unique advantages on different devices, so we recommend that you contact us to create a package that combines a selection of ads multiplied by the number of impressions that you want to make. We’re happy to create a package according to your needs.


Contact +27 81 261 7803 or to discuss your digital marketing requirements.





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