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I have always been passionate about food and restaurants.

I would have studied to become a chef but fate decided that I would make a better writer.

Fortunately, I have always enjoyed writing- and have written for Mens Health, GQ, ESPN, Forbes, and The Star, but it was the rise of digital media that introduced me to the exciting new world of digital marketing. I soon discovered that it wasn’t enough to create content but to create content that would be consumed by as many people as possible.

I have worked in media, marketing, publishing, publicity, and hospitality, but the number one question that everyone asks me is: how do I get them to understand what I do?

I can understand how frustrating it is for a journalist when dealing with a pushy publicist who doesn’t understand time constraints and deadlines just as easily as I can empathise with a publicist whose clients don’t understand why the media is giving them bad reviews. Or worse, the silent treatment.

Both sides need each other but they can’t communicate in the other’s language. Publicists want media exposure and the media want a story, but neither has the time or money to give the other what they want the most.

Restaurants would share similar frustrations with me. They fed the media but they never got any exposure. The media would tell me that they were being kind by not saying anything at all.

I’ve experienced the same frustrations myself, and asked myself why can’t it be simpler?

It just made so much sense to me to help restaurants to market and promote themselves through digital media. I decided that I want to bridge the gap between the media and restaurants to make it simpler for everyone. Media wants content and restaurants want exposure. The quickest, easiest, cheapest way that I can do that is through digital PR.

Digital PR can happen with the click of a mouse. Or, it can not happen at all!

Here’s how I can help you with your digital PR so that you are happy and the media is happy.

Effective communication is essential if you want to get the right media exposure for your restaurant.

Digital media is the perfect platform for restaurants to reach their target audience. Customers rely on online information and recommendations. Restaurants need to adapt to this digital landscape and develop a strategy that reaches the right audience, drives more traffic, and increases sales.

In addition to working with digital media outlets such as online digital magazines, influencers, and social media, I also like to leverage traditional publications and radio to maximize reach and impact. As an added bonus, traditional publications and broadcasters also have digital platforms where they can reshare or repurpose your content.

I understand the challenges faced by the restaurant industry and am confident that I will make a real difference for my clients and help them succeed in the digital landscape so that they can get the exposure they deserve, and connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

You are welcome to contact me to discuss your options when using digital PR to promote your restaurant.

Here are a few tips to maximise your digital exposure if you want to do it yourself:

⦁ Develop a strong brand identity and build a narrative around it. Tell people what makes you so special!
⦁ Create shareable content for your website and social media channels. It’s “free” publicity!
⦁ Collaborate with influencers and bloggers in your industry. They have an instant audience waiting for you.
⦁ Offer promotions and deals through online channels. Everyone loves a bargain.
⦁ Email your customers at least once a month. Get in their inbox and in their mind. Email marketing works!


How does a publicist bridge the gap between restaurants and media

A publicist acts as a liaison between restaurants and media by creating and nurturing relationships with journalists, bloggers, and food critics. They work to generate interest in their clients’ restaurants by developing compelling stories, pitching to the appropriate media outlets, offering exclusives, and providing high-quality visuals. By utilizing these tactics, a publicist can effectively bridge the gap between restaurants and media, resulting in increased coverage and exposure for their clients.

As a publicist, there are several ways you can bridge the gap between restaurants and media:

  • Build relationships: Building relationships with journalists, bloggers, and food critics is crucial to getting coverage for your restaurant clients. Attend media events, connect with them on social media, and invite them to your restaurant for a complimentary meal.
  • Create compelling stories: Journalists are always looking for new and interesting stories to cover. As a publicist, you can help create compelling story angles around your clients’ restaurants, such as unique menu items, chef profiles, or sustainability initiatives.
  • Pitch to the right outlets: Not all media outlets are created equal, and different outlets cater to different audiences. As a publicist, you should do your research and pitch to the outlets that are most likely to cover your client’s restaurant.
  • Offer exclusives: Journalists love exclusives, so offer them first access to new menu items, events, or other exciting news about your client’s restaurant.
  • Provide high-quality visuals: In today’s digital age, visuals are more important than ever. Provide high-quality photos and videos of your client’s restaurant and dishes to help entice journalists to cover the restaurant.

Overall, bridging the gap between restaurants and media requires a combination of relationship-building, storytelling, and strategic pitching.



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