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If you’re looking for a country getaway, without having to drive half way across the country, Faircity Roodevallei is literally forty minutes outside of Johannesburg. Faircity Roodevallei is a lush, panoramic oasis of green where you can detach from the city.

It was only while I was enjoying a glass of wine along the banks of the Pienaar’s River that I realized how quickly I’d forgotten that this country retreat is less than forty minutes outside of Johannesburg. Its breathtaking beauty makes it an ideal location for weddings, while the conference facilities and location make it perfect for business conferences and team-building exercises. For me, I just loved the tranquil beauty.

For what nature cannot undo, they have a mobile spa that is available over weekends (and special occasions if booked in advance). I had such severe knots in my back that they felt cobblestones, so I booked a hot stone massage – the therapist went overtime. What was meant to be a 30 minute head, neck and shoulder massage turned into 45 minutes, but the therapist said she was more concerned about getting the knots out that the time. I can’t say it was the most comfortable massage I’ve ever had but by the time she was finished I could feel a weight had shifted from my shoulders. I also booked a pedicure which left me feeling relaxed from head to toe. My therapist was obviously a perfectionist because my feet looked flawless – and all my toes looked symmetrical.

Considering that my thoughts were a blur and that my body felt like putty, there was little left to do besides laze by their gorgeous blue pool followed by soak in the jacuzzi. We followed that by drinking more wine, and aternating between the pool and the jacuzzi. Relaxation is hard work!

Faircity Roodevallei can organize game drives, or you can visit Ludwig’s Rose Farm, Pebble Rock, or the Ndebele Cultural Village, but if I was there, I would not want to go anywhere else. I would just want to enjoy unhurried relaxation at the hotel. It’s a great destination to go to if you need to go for business or pleasure and to do nothing or something. Your choice. It’s very reasonably priced, and possibly under-priced when you consider how gorgeous it is.

Let’s talk about the food, because it is a country estate!

If country activities leaves you with a hearty appetite, Faircity Roodevallei’s country buffet will not leave you starved for choice. I had the grilled calamari as a starter with some garlic butter and a side salad. The calamari was tender and the garlic butter was generously garlicky – I’m surprised I didn’t eat it with a spoon. I had the traditional roast lamb with grilled vegetables for my mains which was perfection. Unfortunately, I found desserts a bit of a letdown: the apricot pudding didn’t have any apricots; and the alternatives were either a fruit salad or an unassuming ice-cream.

Faircity Roodevallei can accommodate different dining scenarios in any of their dining facilities: guests were hosted in the main dining area, but they were also hosting delegates from two different conferences in separate dining areas. It created a festive mood without invading each other’s privacy.

Returning to our suite – which was large ‘n luxurious, complete with fresh, white linen and mosquito nets over the beds, and felt a tad ‘Out of Africa’, we decided that they best way to end of a day of non-stop relaxation was sleep. And sleep well we did!

If I were to go back to Faircity Roodevallei … Correction, when I return to Faircity Roodevallei, one thing would get me there in a heartbeat – besides the lush views, luxurious rooms, and homely food, it is less than forty minutes away from home. Why drive miles away for a country getaway when there is one so close to home?

Faircity Roodevallei is a country getaway within minutes for anyone living in Johannesburg (and Pretoria).


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