root4 skincare by Dr Vanessa Lapiner


Introducing root4, a newly launched range of skincare solutions that are powerfully effective and entirely safe for you and the environment.

For most, there would seem to be a tradeoff between skincare solutions that are scientifically developed and those that are cruelty-free and kind to the environment. But now, with the newly launched root4 range, it is possible to harness the best of both and embrace the concept of pure yet scientifically driven holistic beauty.

Created by Dr. Vanessa Lapiner, a leading South African dermatologist who has a big passion for safe, intentional and powerful skincare, the root4 range of skincare solutions are the result of her quest for high performance, medical-grade products that offer real skincare solutions, but also take into account the impact that these types of products have on the skin, and the environment.

Dr Vanessa Lapiner root4 skincare JoziStyle
Dr Vanessa Lapiner root4 skincare JoziStyle

The skincare range rejects the trade-off between safety and efficacy and embraces the concept of pure yet scientifically-driven holistic beauty. root4 contains high concentrations of powerful, functional actives to defend, renew and liberate your skin. The potent and pure skincare products exclude petrochemicals, mineral oils, SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrance or colour, silicones, glycols, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives or PEGs; making it safe for users. root4 is a proudly sustainable and cruelty-free brand. In addition to its commitment to only use ingredients that are ethically sourced, it also chooses packaging made from recyclable materials.

Although well-known skincare ranges offer results, they often contain ingredients that are controversial and deemed ‘high research priorities’ by the WHO such as parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or colours, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, which may interfere with hormones or be contaminated with harmful carcinogens.

The root4 skincare range is ethically sourced and cruelty-free with a philosophy underpinned by intentionalism. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its properties and has been used in scientifically proven concentrations to create revolutionary formulas that offer remarkable results, while remaining true to Lapiner’s vision of environmental consciousness.

“The purpose of science is not to defeat nature but to harness it,” says Lapiner. “root4 offers dermo-cosmetics that deliver clinically proven and science-backed results without compromising on safety, all the while creating indulgent experiences. The range empowers you to make more mindful skincare choices.”

Inspired by the thousands of patients who have achieved transformational results by embracing her Total Approach to Skin Health and guided by years of research, Lapiner developed the groundbreaking Dr. L protocol to defend, renew and liberate – three specific skincare steps to your healthiest, most radiant skin.

DEFEND: Prevention is better than cure: Protection from assaults such as UV, free radicals, pollution and irritants on the skin; inflammatory foods and pesticides on the gut and the cellular impact of stress together with strengthening of the skin and gut barrier form the foundational pillar of the DR. L protocol.

RENEW: Rejuvenate the mind, gut and skin at a cellular level by boosting cellular turnover and mitochondrial energy, remodel your skin’s structural framework, restore the balance of your beauty bug ecosystem and reinvigorate with self-care rituals and good sleep hygiene.

LIBERATE: The pinnacle of the protocol where elevated, targeted treatment and the use of epigenetics to ‘switch off’ unwanted genes carrying instructions for harm and ‘switch on’ beneficial genes with instructions for health bring about the healing and confidence to feel your most beautiful, fulfilled and powerful.

Backed by cutting-edge dermatological science and functional medicine wisdom, the Dr L Protocol is a breakthrough in Healthy Ageing skin science powered by Glow4Green Technology – a unique combination of Chlorophyll, Malachite, Curcumin and Spirulina.

“root4 is a holistic approach to skin health that allows you to confidently bare your skin’s inherent beauty. More than just a product, root4 is a shift in mindset – a commitment to yourself, our planet and its people. We are rooting for change in the beauty industry. Skincare needs to be formulated with safety first in mind. ‘Clean beauty’ brands need to offer high-performance results-driven products which match or exceed the efficacy of their traditional beauty counterparts. Misleading marketing claims need to end and transparency, environmental consciousness and social responsibility need to rise,” concludes Lapiner.

root4: Good for your skin. Good for you. Good for the environment.


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