The Gallery at Steyn City in association with Knysna Fine Art and Everard Read

Raised by art lovers, it’s not surprising that a passion for art runs through Bianca Bellamy’s veins. Now, as Director of The Gallery at Steyn City, she’s thrilled to be able to share that passion with those who are just discovering art, as well as established collectors.

The establishment of the gallery was something serendipitous in that although Bianca’s background is in business, rather than art, when she and her family moved to Steyn City in 2019, she thought that the magnificent City Centre main piazza would be absolutely perfect for a gallery. Her conviction was strengthened by Steyn City’s existing association with art: the development’s 2 000 acre parkland is, in essence, a giant outdoor gallery, home to more than 40 stunning pieces.

She shared her idea for this business opportunity with her father, who had established many relationships with players in the art fraternity during his many years as a collector; among them Trent Read, son of the renowned gallerist Everard Read.

Bianca’s father maintained that Trent’s involvement was a must for the gallery to be a success. As the fifth generation of a family of art dealers, his knowledge and insights are unsurpassed, as is his experience. Trent’s resumé includes stints at Christie’s in London, as well as time spent in the United States.

Once Trent had seen the proposed site for himself, he shared Bianca’s enthusiasm. His mentorship has proved invaluable in helping her build a collection which she hopes will inspire, challenge and move viewers and serious investors alike. Trent also introduced Bianca to his brother, Mark, of Everard Read Gallery in Johannesburg. The family also owns galleries in Cape Town, Franschhoek, Knysna and London.

Bianca has worked hard to create a unique, immersive experience where buyers can engage with the artworks, as well as the artists who created them. She intends to keep the gallery fresh by introducing new pieces, with the works including contemporary fine art, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media. The gallery is committed to showing thought provoking works of the highest quality, with a strong focus on works by African artists that celebrate our history and heritage. The Gallery is fortunate to have access to the many artists represented by Trent and Mark, and Bianca is looking forward to developing her own portfolio of artists over time, so that the gallery creates its own footprint within the industry.

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