As a food and travel blogger I get invited to review some enviable destinations, but nothing could have prepared me for Sun City’s challenge to do as much as possible within 48 hours in their newly renovated Soho hotel.

I made it my mission to explore every single attraction that Sun City has to offer. Part of Sun City’s appeal for me is the juxtaposition of their world-class amenities against the unsurpassed natural beauty of the Pilansberg, so I planned an itinerary that was equally diverse. This snapshot showcases the myriad of food, entertainment and accommodation options on offer. Enjoy – and be inspired!



2PM Sun City Soho Hotel
Does a 77 sqm suite with three patios, two flat screen televisions, a lounge, mini-bar, en-suite bathroom and a guest bathroom constitute luxury? Definitely. The crisp whites and soft beiges of the rooms segued outside into a explosion of green gardens and blue skies. I could happily have resigned myself to spend the weekend behind closed doors.

3PM Soho Hotel Pool Bar
What better way to kick-start a summer holiday than sipping a strawberry daiquiri, followed by a mojito or two, under tropical palm trees on a man made island, surrounded 360 degrees by a swimming pool? Even better – take a seat in the pool and remind yourself that despite pink drinks, blue pools, and lush tropical greenery, this is not a Duran Duran video – it’s Sun City’s Soho.

6PM Sun City Casino
Gaming is an integral part of Soho’s DNA, so part of their revamp included hundreds of state of the art slot machines and 43 tables. I took a spin at the roulette tables, and lost, but recouped my losses and made a small profit on the slot machines. Winners know when to quit so I didn’t push my luck with Lady Luck. I was also hungry!

8PM Legends Restaurant
Soho’s Legends restaurant has pulled out all the stops to satisfy even the most discerning foodie. We opted to share a seared Norwegian salmon & avocado salad which was served with pickled ginger, Szechuan spice and a citrus mirin dressing. I loved how the subtle oriental influences didn’t overpower the salmon. My partner’s cauliflower soup was a sublime dish in its own, but the addition of prawns, croutons, and a basil pesto transformed it into a multi-sensory culinary experience. My sticky pork chops were served with a decidedly moreish apple cider sauce and a side dish of butternut, almonds and feta.

We feasted our eyes on the tantalising dessert menu, but sated by our spectacular meal decided to keep its sweet delights for next time.

10PM Vibes, Encore & More!
Our restraint at the dessert menu was short-lived as we soon found ourselves ordering tequila shots at Vibes, Soho’s action bar. It sure lives up to its name: a cool spot where adults can enjoy live music, perform karaoke, or kick back and watch sport. Encore offers a more sophisticated nightclubbing experience with live DJs rocking the house right up to the chandeliered ceilings. And if you prefer something more exotic, there’s the adult entertainment club, the Revue bar. Of course a gentleman never tells, and what happens in Sun City stays in Sun City!

8AM Breakfast
Our veranda had such a gorgeous view that I decided to ask room service to deliver breakfast. It arrived quickly and was piping hot – top marks to the food and beverage crew. It also saved me time because I had a busy day ahead.

9AM Adrenaline Extreme
Adrenaline Extreme is toys for boys territory (and girls) where you can push pedal to the metal in dirt buggies, drift trikes, hovercrafts and 4X4 quad bikes. I discovered that the adrenaline rush is quite addictive. I originally wanted to try the ‘Accelerator’ until I realized it was an over-sized human catapult – and I wasn’t about to be catapulted anywhere.

11AM Content in Sun Central
The only thing better than an adrenaline high is a caffeine fix. Content is a coffee shop with a difference, offering a unique literary experience. Go see for yourself…

12PM Zip Sliding
Zip 2000 is fastest zip slide in the world, with an average speed of 120km/h over two kilometres and reaching speeds up to 160km/h. This is definitely one for speed freaks. One literally has to take a leap of faith, but the initial terror is soon replaced by a massive adrenaline rush as you descend like a hawk. Gripping stuff!

2PM Mugg & Bean
Green Apple & Chia Seed Power Smoothie – because extreme bodies deserve extreme nutrition. And I needed to sit!

3PM WaterWorld
If you love the water, you will love WaterWorld for the multitude of water activities on offer here. I’ve always wanted to try parasailing, so I was grateful that after a quick lesson I was airborne once again with a bird’s eyeview of Sun City. Seeing as the best things come in threes, I took advantage of a package that included jet skiing and the Wake Snake.

4PM Soho Hotel Pool Bar
Following a day that saw me taking Sun City by land, air, and water, I deserved a mojito!

7PM Car Giveaway
Sun City was giving away a car so I tried to weasel my way into the competition, but, unfortunately it was only open to Sun MVG cardholders. Guess who is now a proud Sun MVG cardholder?

8PM Boccata
The Mediterranean Boccata restaurant in The Cascades is a great choice for seafood (and schwarmas!). I enjoy their Famous Prawn and Calamari Combo which was served in a piquant garlic, lemon & chilli sauce.

8AM Breakfast
After two days of generous eating, I opted for a lighter breakfast of fresh fruit and tea. Excellent service and fresher than fresh fruit – as always.

10AM Gary Player Health Spa
I originally planned a day of indulgence, but after the previous day’s activities, my stiff muscles reminded me that a massage was a necessity. A good stretch in the steam-room before jumping in the spa pool was my idea of bliss – and just what the doctor ordered.

11AM Checkout

12:15PM Valley of Waves
I extended our weekend getaway by checking into the Valley of Waves where we spent a few leisurely hours floating on a tube around the Lazy River ride and swimming in the lagoon. I had enjoyed a million thrills the day before, so floating on a tube was what the relaxation doctor ordered.

3PM The Brew Monkey
A visit to Valley of Waves is not complete without a visit to the Brew Monkey, a gastopub with craft beers and elegant pub lunches. The charcuterie platters and dipping boards are great for sharing, but my favourite dish is the Patagonian squid served with a wasabi pepper sauce and chilli mayo.

As I prepared to leave, I reflected on my 48 hours at the fabulous new Sun City, and realised that although I had enjoyed an action-packed weekend and filled virtually every minute – balanced with some kick-back time – this was only a taster portion. The variety of things to do and see is truly staggering. I started planning my next trip here as I drove out the gate … See you there!

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